How can I make my countertops last? Every material is different, but we at Countertop Solutions can help guide you to make the most out of your countertops! Here are 3 examples of myths that have been getting in the way of having clean and durable countertops:

The first myth about countertops is that you can place heat directly on the surface. DO NOT place heat directly on any countertop surfaces! The extreme change in temperature can cause materials such as Granite, Laminate, and Quartz to crack. While getting the crack repaired can be costly, it will also still be visible. The epoxy resin used to fill the crack is dyed to closely match the countertop color, but especially for multicolored countertops, it will be very noticeable. And because your counter is already cracked, despite it having been fixed or not, everyday use can cause it to crack even more resulting in needing a new countertop. 

The second myth is that you can use your countertops as a cutting board. One problem with this is that the cutting can wear away the countertops finish as well as the amount of cleaning you will have to do. Another issue is that you will be able to see the scratches left by the knife, especially if you have lighter countertops. Lastly, using your countertop instead of a cutting board can dull and damage your knives quickly. Please don’t ditch the cutting board!

The third myth is that bleach is safe to use on your countertops, which became popular during the pandemic. Big mistake. Bleach discolors your countertops and wears away the finish faster than most other products. And when the finish is worn away, it makes the material more porous and more likely to grow bacteria. Bleach also shouldn’t be used on stone, however as long as you rinse it right after there shouldn’t be any damage.